• Blood Blister In Mouth

    When the upper layer of skin is wounded, a blister forms, which is a fluid-filled sac. The fluid comes from the wounded tissue and is usually clear. A blister forms when the fluid pools and acts as a barrier, shielding the wounded skin from further harm. Blood veins beneath the wounded skin may rupture, allowing blood to fill the blister's "bubble," resulting in a...
  • What is the Wax for Braces Used For?

    Braces Braces are used to correct teeth. Dentists will fasten them around your teeth so that you can train your teeth into the proper form. Many braces are available, including Hawley retainers that hold tooth position with wire and metal brackets or Ceramic braces that fix your teeth using ceramic covering. Each type of brace is different and is used for another purpose. For...
  • Tooth Resorption - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    What if a dental expert tells you that you're experiencing tooth resorption? If so, your mind will get filled with a slew of questions. However, the most important question will be - what exactly is tooth resorption? Though an uncommon dental terminology, the condition isn't as mysterious as it appears. Resorption occurs when the body, on account of a traumatic injury, rejects the tooth...
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