How to Select A Best Electric Toothbrush?

Experiments have proved that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and its cleaning ability has been unanimously affirmed by dental experts. Moreover, electric toothbrushes can clean teeth better, the effect of removing plaque is much better than manual toothbrushes, and it can also prevent problems such as periodontitis and dental calculus. Those parts that are not easy to clean with a manual toothbrush can be cleaned with an electric toothbrush. The trembling of the bristles can also promote blood circulation in the oral cavity and have a massage effect on the gum tissue. So, how to choose a satisfactory electric toothbrush? I think you can start to read from the following aspects like me. 

The Shape of Filament

There are rhombus or triangle, cylindrical, pointed filament.Generally speaking, I recommend rhombus or triangle first. Why is that? Because the working principle of the brush head is to achieve the purpose of cleaning the teeth through the back and forth friction of the filament. Therefore, in order to increase friction, diamond-shaped or triangular brush filaments can best play this role. I don't recommend the brush head with pointed filaments. Although we can feel the fine filaments penetrate deep into our teeth when brushing our teeth, in fact, it does not play a cleaning role.

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Brush Material

High-quality brush filaments usually use DuPont from the United States, PBT from South Korea, Toray from Japan, PEDEX from Germany and so on. The full range of usmile products use DuPont brushing!

Tufting Rate

The difference between the toothbrush hair tufting rate is visible to the naked eye, without the aid of tools, the contrast observation is more obvious. Qualified bristles are high-density tufting bristles, which means that the density of each tuft of bristles on the brush head is very high.

Tufting Rate - usmile

Rounded Rate

According to the requirements of oral hygiene appliances, the bristles rounding rate of electric toothbrushes for adults shall not be less than 50%, and the rounded rate of bristles of electric toothbrushes for children shall not be less than 70%.

For the rounded rate, there are special equipment for processing and testing. Ordinary users can use a magnifier to observe, or use a mobile phone camera to zoom in to observe. If the rounding rate is not up to standard, it will be more uncomfortable to use. Cheap electric toothbrushes won’t be rounded, you heard it right, won’t be rounded!

Rounded Rate - usmile

The Shape of the Bristles

The shape of the bristles is mainly flat, shallow U-shaped and wavy (including W-shaped). The original design of the bristles is flat, and the shallow U-shape and wavy shape are the result of continuous improvement and development. The wavy shape can better contact between the teeth, increase friction, and can brush the teeth cleaner. But the wave shape is not for everyone. Many brands choose shallow U-shaped bristles for sensitive brush heads and W-shaped brush heads for bright white brush heads.

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