How to Select A Best Electric Toothbrush? - Part 2


How the brush head works

It is recommended to choose the sonic vibration type first. There are currently three mainstream brush head working methods on the market, vibrating, sonic, and rotating. Rotating type is very powerful, not recommended for people with sensitive teeth and gums! Moreover, the noise is larger than that of sonic. Generally speaking, about 60dB is more reasonable. Too much noise is not recommended! The characteristic of a vibrating toothbrush is that the brush head shaft is relatively thick, and its working method is actually irregular vibration, and as long as the brush head is pressed slightly harder when brushing the teeth, the brush head will not vibrate, and it has no cleaning ability. At present, in order to save costs, many low-priced electric toothbrushes on the market have adopted this scheme. Sonic is the solution adopted by most electric toothbrushes, but it must be clear that the vibration frequency of the body does not represent the strength of the cleaning ability. At the same time, there is no ultrasonic technology. If there is, it is just a publicity stunt by some businesses. 

How the brush head works


Everyone has different oral conditions and different sensitivity levels. They must have different modes, that is, modes with different vibration amplitudes and different frequencies. Consumers can choose the mode that is most palatable and comfortable. , And then you can use this mode for long-term brushing.

Pressure Sensing

It can automatically adjust the power according to the pressure, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the gums.

Pressure Sensing


Long battery life has increasingly become the trend of upgrading and updating electric toothbrushes. Here I have to recommend usmile products. At present, only usmile on the market can last for 180 days (calculated based on 2 minutes of brushing each time), which means that it only needs to be charged twice a year. This reduces the trouble of a lot of charging, and the battery life can be prolonged with less charging times.

Beauty and Design

With its excellent design, usmile perfectly integrates the aesthetics of science and technology with the efficacy of use on the full line of oral care products. So far, usmile's products have successively won more than ten international design awards such as the German IF Design Award, the Red Dot Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, and the China Red Star Design Award.


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