How to Remove Brown Stains from Teeth?

A bright white smile is an important part of the personality, and having it boosts one's confidence. However, our eating habits and life routines sometimes leave brown stains on our teeth. It makes our smile dull, and people end up asking how to remove brown stains from teeth.

If you also have similar questions, you are at the right place because here, you will learn all you need to know. 

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How to remove brown stains from teeth?

When you have brown stains on your teeth, it is important to know their type. There are the temporary ones. These are very easy to eliminate because they are just something lying on the surface of your teeth. A proper cleaning routine can easily remove these stains.

On the other hand, sometimes there are permanent brown stains. These stains are not present on the outer surface of the teeth. As they are present on the inside of your teeth, they need proper treatment and sometimes a lifestyle change. However, following a proper cleaning routine is also necessary here.

What are some major causes of brown stains on teeth?

Knowing the cause of brown stains on your teeth can help you a lot when looking for how to remove brown stains from your teeth. So, here is a list of common causes of brown stains on teeth and how they affect your teeth.

  • Different beverages and food items can cause temporary stains. If you lack dental hygiene, those stains can get permanent as well.
  • Smoking can lead to brown stains on teeth because particles stick to the microscopic pores on the surface of teeth. These are permanent, and they get darker and darker over time.

Genetics, aging, and diet can also internally affect your teeth. In this way, your teeth will have a brown tone that will get harder to clean over time.

Can brown teeth be white again?

Yes, if you have brown stains on your teeth, you need to change your life habits. Maintaining good hygiene, eating healthy food, and skipping harmful things like coffee and smoking can make you achieve sparkling white teeth again.

Is it the only choice to go for medical treatment?

Most people these days are after shortcuts, and when it comes to having white teeth, people quickly decide that they are going for professional dental cleaning. While this can be good if you need scaling, otherwise, getting such treatment is not your only choice. Always remember that proper dental hygiene and a good diet can help you a lot.

Having sparkling white teeth is necessary for a bright smile, and a bright smile can have a huge role in your personality, confidence, and success as well. So, you must know all the ways to get rid of the brown stains from your teeth.

Final Remarks

The best that you can do if you are also looking for how to remove brown stains from your teeth is to identify the main causes of you having brown stains on your teeth and work on them. If the stains do not go away, then you can consult professionals.


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