How to Use a Water Flosser?

Flossing is essential for maintaining good oral health because it ensures keeping the deeper areas in the mouth clean. However, using string floss can be tricky and messy. So, things will be hard to do right. It is important to know how to use a water flosser in this case. Here we will be discussing how to use a water flosser in the right way.

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The right way how to use a water flosser

You might be looking to use a water flosser for braces because of the water flosser benefits. So, here is the right way how to use a water flosser.
  1. Prepping the system: The first thing you need to do to use a water flosser for braces is prepping the system. You can do it by filling the water reservoir with water and closing it the right way. Then you will need to attach the tip and turn it on with the highest pressure. Once the water starts flowing out, you can turn it off.
  2. Starting in the safest way: Now you will be starting with the tip in your mouth, so make sure to start most safely so you do not hurt your mouth. The right way is to lean into the sink and place the top in your mouth. Now you can start the water flosser with the lowest pressure setting.
  3. Set the tip at the right place: This is a bit of a critical step in the process because aiming right means better cleaning. Similarly, aiming wrong can mean that you are not cleaning efficiently, and you might be damaging your gums. The best way is to aim the tip at the gumline. Once it is set right, you can move to the next steps.
  4. Set the right pressure for better cleaning: With the aim of the tip being at the right spot, you can increase pressure. Now it depends on the condition of your gums or the recommendation of your dentist. However, it is important to use a higher pressure because the slowest pressure may not be very efficient in getting the plaque out of your mouth.
  5. Turn off in the right way: When you are done with flossing, you need to make sure to turn it off in the right way as well. Start with turning off the system and then remove the tip from your mouth. For a better experience, make sure not to cause any splashes of water.Once the tip is out of your mouth, you need to remove the tip from the system and clean it. It is also important to empty the water reservoir to keep it clean. With these steps, you will be done with water flossing.
Final Remarks
Using a water flosser for braces is easier and more efficient and comes with several water flosser benefits. However, knowing how to use a water flosser is important. It is because using it in the wrong way will not be efficient at all. So, if you want the best water flosser benefits, then make sure to follow the steps in the right way.


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