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usmile Y10 PRO Smart Toothbrush

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Y10 PRO helps to track plaque and makes the bass brushing technique accessible.

  • 24/7 Smart Screen: Observe real-time brushing effects and plaque removal progress.
  • Responsive Brushing: Experience bass brushing technique, no learning required.
  • 6-month Runtime: Forget about charging for up to 6 months.
  • Smart Gum Care: No need to be concerned about gum damage.
  • First-tier Bristles: Get a long-term premium brushing experience.
  • 4 Modes: Multiple modes for your needs.
  • Worry-free Brushing: Use Y10 PRO confidently with water.

Package List:

  • Y10 PRO x1
  • Brush Head x2
  • USB to Type-C Cable x1
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Meet Y10 Pro

Intuitive screen. Trackable gleam.

usmile Y10 PRO smart toothbrush adapts to tooth shape for effective plaque removal with a smart screen displaying 24/7 plaque buildup, while offering an oral map and ensuring 6-month runtime with its patented features for long-lasting teeth, enamel, and gum protection.

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"The usmile Y10 PRO isn’t just a smart toothbrush. It’s a game-changer for oral health care."

"The Y10 PRO has the best battery life of the brushes we’ve tested, plus USB charging, and a timer."

"After I finish brushing my teeth with this toothbrush, they feel smoother and cleaner."

24/7 Smart Screen

Observe real-time brushing effects and plaque removal progress.

Responsive Brushing

Experience bass brushing technique, no learning required.

6-month Runtime

Forget about charging for up to 6 months.

24/7 Smart Screen

Stay on track. Brush like a pro.

Y10 PRO features an informative screen that displays an oral map and a 2-minute timer, guiding you during brushing. The 24/7 plaque reminder provides insights into plaque buildup between brushings, helping you to build a healthy oral care routine.

2-minute Timer

The large colored screen includes a timer to calculate brushing time automatically.

Feedback on Missed Areas

The built-in colored screen displays an oral map after brushing, helping prevent missed spots.

24/7 Plaque Reminder

With an impressive battery capacity, the Y10 PRO estimates plaque growth after each brushing, prompting users to brush again.

Feedback on Plaque Removal Progress

The Y10 PRO's colored screen provides instant feedback on remaining plaque, enabling users to adjust their brushing for thorough cleaning.

Responsive Brushing

Dental brushing done automatically.

Everyone brushes differently so the results may vary. Y10 PRO optimizes brushing by adjusting its movement and vibration to match your brushing style, delivering up to 440%* brushing efficiency.

*440%: compared to manual toothbrushes.

Outer Surface

Outer Bristles: Regular Motion

Mid Bristles: Regular Vibration

Covers more surfaces.

Upper Surface

Outer Bristles: Small Motion, Strong Vibration

Mid Bristles: Strong Focused Vibration

Intensely cleans v-shaped pits and grooves.

Inner Surface

Outer Bristles: Big Motion

Mid Bristles: Strong Vibration

Deep into the gingival margin.

6-month Runtime

Uninterrupted use for half a year.

Enjoy the freedom of brushing without limits, with an extended runtime of up to 6 months*. The Type-C charging port ensures compatibility with your electric devices, making it perfect for travel.

*6 months: tested with twice-daily brushing for 2 minutes each.

6-month Maximum Runtime

Y10 PRO can operate for up to six months without requiring a charge, enabling users to effortlessly maintain a healthy oral cleaning routine. This convenience ensures your teeth remain gleaming and your breath fresh, even during travel.

Type-C Charging Port

With its Type-C charging port, the Y10 PRO becomes compatible with most electronic devices. Plus, when it needs a charge, there's no need for an extra charging cable, making it the perfect toothbrush for maintaining a bright smile and traveling light.

Smart Gum Care

Feel the gleam, and gleam only.

Enjoy numb-free brushing with patented residual shock absorption and air cushion brush head. The pressure indicator helps to avoid overpressing, and the intelligent pressure control adjusts frequency and intensity in real time.

First-tier Bristles

Brush with a grain of science.

The FDA compliant bristles release fluoride ions to strengthen enamel. With a minimum of 90% roundness, they enhance gum protection and also act as a reminder for timely brush head replacement.

90% Minimum Roundness

Filaments are at least 90% round to safeguard gums and enamel.


Releases fluoride ions for enamel strength.

Reminder Bristles

Fades gradually as a reminder to replace the brush head.

4 Cleaning Modes

Multiple modes for your needs.

The default smart mode, utilizing auto adaptation, is capable of covering most needs. However, Y10 PRO goes further with additional modes including clean, white, and soft, providing specialized care.

Smart Mode

Let Y10 PRO choose the intensity for you.

Clean Mode

Moderate intensity.

White Mode

High intensity.

Soft Mode

Low intensity.

Worry-free Brushing

Brush with confidence, even in water.

Brush worry-free with the Y10 PRO. It's waterproof (IPX8 rated) and designed to reduce toothpaste mess. No need to stress about water or splatters during brushing.

Y10 PRO is trending.

Erin Lawrence recommends.

"The Y10 PRO offers almost all the technology of the more expensive brands at a much more affordable price."

How to use Y10 PRO?

$109.00 USD $69.99 USD