Many of us spend less than 10% of our time cleaning our mouth every day. We seem to have forgotten the correct way to clean the mouth.

And yet we know that this is a better thing we can do. Enjoying the gleaming teeth that efficient electric toothbrush have to offer. So why does it often seem like an afterthought ?

Could it be because your toothbrush isn't fit for you? Moldy toothbrush head, low power electric toothbrushes, uncomfortable clean modes, and the inconvenience of long charging time and bulky charger.

It was clear that we needed a better solution to improve. So, we set out on a mission to make it easier to keep your oral care. To take more confidence for yourself, make more positive Image in different occasion, and enjoy the fresh air.

Usmile's vision: provide everyone with better products, better oral clean, extraordinary value to help them show a confident smile, also we provide 24/7 customer service.