usmile Y1S Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Color: Pink
Enjoy 1 year battery life and a comfortable brush head for an effortless brushing experience.
  • Superior Cleaning Power: Removes more plaque and stains for whiter teeth.
  • 3 Modes: Clean, White and Soft modes suit multiple brushing needs.
  • 1 Year Battery Life: No recharging needed for a full year.
  • Comfortable Brush Head: Soft rubber bristles are gentle on gums.
  • Worry-free Brushing: Fully  IPX7 waterproof design for use in the shower.
Package List
  • Y1S x1
  • Brush Head x2
  • USB to Type-C Cable x1
Color: Pink
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Dental Professionals Approved

Focusing on oral health care for 8 years, we have served over 50 million users.

American Dental Association approved bristles.

Over 500 patents across four independent research labs.

Renowned in 30+ countries and regions.

20,000 new users daily and cleaning over 50 million teeth.

usmile Y1S

1 year of power for stain-fading smiles.

Y1S delivers a superior clean, removing more plaque and stains for noticeably whiter teeth over time. The integrated USB-C battery remarkably lasts 365 days on a single charge, eliminating mid-cleaning disruptions. And the soft rubber flexibility provides a uniquely gentle experience, so your gums stay healthy during each 2 minute cleaning.

self-developed motor

Enhanced power, superior cleaning efficiency.

Our ultra high speed sonic motor delivers up a superior cleaning and plaque fighting ability. This allows Y1S to remove up to 440%* brushing efficiency for noticeably whiter teeth over time.

*440%: compared to manual toothbrushes.

2-minute Timer

Ensuring optimal brushing duration for healthier teeth and gums, seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

12-month Runtime

Uninterrupted use for an entire year.

Enjoy the freedom of brushing without limits, with an extended runtime of up to 12 months*. The Type-C charging port ensures compatibility with your electric devices, making it perfect for travel.

*12 months: tested with twice-daily brushing for 2 minutes each.

12-month Maximum Runtime

Y1S can operate for up to 365 days without requiring a charge, enabling users to effortlessly maintain a healthy oral cleaning routine. This convenience ensures your teeth remain gleaming and your breath fresh, even during travel.

Type-C Charging Port

With its Type-C charging port, the Y1S becomes compatible with most electronic devices. Plus, when it needs a charge, there's no need for an extra charging cable, making it the perfect toothbrush for maintaining a bright smile and traveling light.

3 Cleaning Modes

Multiple modes for your needs.

Y1S goes with 3 versatile modes including clean, white, and soft, catering to diverse preferences and sensitivities.

Clean Mode

Moderate intensity.

White Mode

High intensity.

Soft Mode

Low intensity.

First-tier Bristles

Brush with a grain of science.

The FDA compliant bristles release fluoride ions to strengthen enamel. With a minimum of 90% roundness, they enhance gum protection and also act as a reminder for timely brush head replacement.

90% Minimum Roundness

Filaments are at least 90% round to safeguard gums and enamel.


Releases fluoride ions for enamel strength.

Reminder Bristles

Fades gradually as a reminder to replace the brush head.

Worry-free Brushing

Brush with confidence, even in shower.

Brush worry-free with the Y1S. It's waterproof (IPX7 rated) and designed to reduce toothpaste mess. No need to stress about water or splatters during brushing.

Package List

What You Will Get.

  • Y1S x1
  • Brush Head x2
  • USB to Type-C Cable x1