About usmile - The Best Electric Toothbrush Brand in China

´╗┐´╗┐usmile, China's first comprehensive oral care brand under Guangzhou Stars Pulse┬áCo., Ltd., advocates taking care of the oral cavity like skin care, focusing on the perfect integration of aesthetic design and efficacy┬áinto oral care products. Committed to warming life with technology┬áand protect┬áthe oral health of the people.
´╗┐´╗┐usmile┬áis the only┬áChina's brand that has won 13 international design awards. Since 2016, it has won the German reddot Award, German IF Design Award, Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award, China Red Star Design Award, Japan Good Design Award, International CMF Design Award, Good Contemporary Design Award, etc.┬á
long battery time electric toothbrush

usmile is one of the main authors of China's first group standard for electric toothbrushes organized and published by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association. usmile's patent on the swing test method for electric toothbrushes is included in the standard document and becomes the recommended test method.

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