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usmile Whitening Brush Head - 4 Packs

$24.99 USD

usmile whitening brush head is compatible with all electric toothbrushes of usmile.

  • First-tier Bristles: The bristles are of the best quality in the industry.
  • Premium Gum Care: Each filament is at least 90% round to protect your gums in brushing.
  • Fluoride-infused: The bristles release fluoride ions to strengthen the enamel of teeth.
  • Reminder Bristles: The color gradually fades to serve as a reminder for replacement, as recommended by the dentist.

Package List:

  • Brush Head x4

Anne Stedman Recommends

"My new favorite toothbrush."

AdaywithDestiny Recommends

"It's pretty cool that you can continuously track your plaque status after brushing your teeth."