A Guide on Decision to Brush Your Teeth Before or After Using Mouthwash?

Are you also looking for why does mouthwash burn? Well, it might be because of the wrong usage of mouthwash before or after brushing. Using mouthwash is important, but knowing if you should use mouthwash before or after brushing is more important. Here is everything you need to know about using mouthwash before or after brushing for best oral health.

What is the main goal of using mouthwash?

If you think, why does mouthwash burn, then it is because it is made this way. The goal of mouthwash is to remove germs and particles of food that might be left in your mouth. 

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Using mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth: What to do?

Here is all you need to know about when you should use mouthwash for the best oral health.

Should you brush your teeth after using mouthwash?

Using a mouthwash before brushing will be similar to rinsing your clothes before putting them in your washing machine. While it may not have any side effects, the benefits will be lesser, not that efficient. Most of the particles and germs will be left behind. So, it will never be a good idea to use mouthwash before brushing because, technically, you will be wasting it.

Should you use mouthwash right having a brush?

While you cannot use mouthwash before brushing, it is not safe to use it right after brushing as well. It is because the toothpaste we use has specific contents. One of those things is fluoride that toothpaste leaves on teeth for better oral health.

If we use mouthwash right after brushing, then there are chances of removing that layer of fluoride. So, it may remove germs and additional particles of food, but it will not be efficient as well.

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For how long should you wait before using mouthwash?

The ideal way and time of using mouthwash are after waiting for 30 minutes after brushing. In this way, brushing and the effectiveness of toothbrushes will be most effective. At the same time, when you use your mouthwash after waiting for 30 minutes, it will clean the additional germs and particles from your mouth.

So, whether it is the day, night, or any other time of the day, you must use mouthwash after waiting 30 minutes after brushing.

Can I use mouthwash after tooth extraction?

If you just got tooth extraction surgery, then you might be thinking, why does mouthwash burn. Well, it is because it is not safe to use mouthwash after tooth surgery. It is recommended not to use mouthwash till 24 hours after your tooth extraction surgery. So, the answer to can I use mouthwash after a tooth extraction is no if your surgery is less than 24 hours old.

Final Remarks

Knowing whether to use mouthwash before or after brushing is important. Similarly, it is important to ask your dentist can I use mouthwash after tooth extraction. It is because you must get the best oral health, and there must be no burning sensations because of mouthwash.

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